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The first OGI was held in 1980 at Copthall Stadium in northwest London and the subsequent Games took place at the New River Stadium in north London. The ideas for the Games was originally put forward by St Peter’s Youth Club; the aim being to give all youngsters the chance to participate in various sporting events and that the actual winners were not the clubs that accumulate the most medals, but the people who took part.

The first games saw teams from all over the UK participate and, although recent years have seen the number of athletes decline, there are still an average of around 400 youngsters ranging between the ages of 9 to 21, who take part in many track and field events as well as netball, football and swimming whilst generally savouring the opportunity to meet new friends and have a fantastic time.

The event is organised by group of enthusiastic parents and others who want to see youngsters enjoying themselves through sport. The bank holiday the end of May, which has come to be the date of the games, is just a combination of two years of hard work for the athletes, their parents and committee. In the months leading up to the Games, everyone is busy attending weekly training sessions in organising fund-raising events; but this in itself gives everyone the opportunity to get into the spirit of things so that even when the heavens open, as has become tradition, the enthusiasm, enjoyment of all cannot be spoilt.

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