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Eligibility criteria for teams Any Italian based organisation such as an association, school or social club is eligible to become a member of OGI, subject to the committee approval. If you would like to enter a team, please write to the Secretary.  You will be required to register your interest. A team should consist of at least 10 competitors of both sex and aged between 9-21 years inclusive. If your team has less than 10 competitors, then the Committee will give special consideration to your application.

Sumary of Eligibility criteria for athletes
The games are open to boys and girls
regardless of their nationality, who comply with the following conditions:

1) They are no younger than 9 years old and no older than 21 years old on the first day of the games;
2) They are classified as being of Italian origin (see Rule 2.
5), or are a member of an Italian club or association, or are a friend of a registered competitor who is defined as being of Italian origin (see Rule 2.5);
3) They are registered with only one competing team in any given year;
4) They have completed a registration form which was received by the OGIC by the deadline date (normally 31st. January) in the year of the games;
5) They are not classified as being a non Italian Club Athlete (see Rules 2.4 & 2.6) and as such ineligible to compete.

Also please pay attenion to section 8.3 when choosing events, A competitor may choose up to 3 individual track and field events and 1 swimming event from those listed for their age group but you cannot mix events from the sprint and distance categories.

For a full and detailed understanding of all the rules please refer to the current rule book on this site.

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