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Team Manager: Cos Economides Contact: : Finchley Manager

Club Sociale Italiano Di Finchley:

An Introduction to the Finchley OGI Team.
The Olimpiadi Gioventù Italiana has taken place every two years since 1980 and a Finchley OGI Team has always participated in the event. I am proud to state that the team has won the Padre Russo Shield five times, 1984, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012 and was awarded the Les Rickard Trophy in 2010.

The Finchley OGI team is affiliated to Club Sociale Italiano di Finchley which is run by a group of volunteers whose aim is to provide opportunities for the Anglo-Italian community in North London to meet and socialise. It organises a variety of social events throughout the year for all its members ranging from youth activities, family events, adult functions and a Dolce Vita Club for the 50+.

Having such a belief in community spirit gives the Finchley Club an advantage when it comes to inviting children to become a member of the Finchley OGI Team. There is a unity and sense of belonging which creates a friendly atmosphere and a sense of family.

The Finchley Club community believes in the strengths that OGI brings to our community and this is upheld by many generous supporters and sponsors.

Participating as a member of the Finchley OGI team is not all about winning a shield. It is very much about participating and experiencing the camaraderie, the friendships and the personal challenges. Learning new disciplines and finding out that you are good at a sport you had never tried. It is also about learning to support your team mates; win, lose or draw, applauding the opposition and being graceful in defeat.

All Finchley OGI team members are supported by a group of over 25 volunteer coaches who are dedicated to training and nurturing our “gioventù”. They aim to ensure that all team members enjoy the OGI experience by making sessions both fun and productive.
What I, as Team Manager, ask of Finchley OGI Team members is: to respect one another and the coaches, be committed to training and treat everyone as you wish to be treated.

OGI is a celebration of Italian youth participating in sport, in harmony.

To find out further information about Club Sociale Italiano di Finchley and Finchley OGI please visit

Should you wish to join the Finchley OGI Team please contact me at

Grazie e Forza Finchley!
Finchley OGI Team Manager

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