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Team Stanmore and Hendon no longer take part but have been part of this event and hope to do so in the future

Stanmore & Hendon have taken part in OGI since 1984, winning the OGI shield for the first time in 1990. We managed to hold onto the shield for a further 3 games until 1996. This was a record breaking achievement of 4 wins in a row – a record that still stands today. We also won the Les Rickard Trophy in 1998, 2004 and 2012 and the Sportmanship Trophy in 2000, 2006 and 2008. This is a truly  great record especially as our team has always been one of the smallest in the competition. In 2012, with a team of 51 athletes, we had amazing success winning the Les Rickard Trophy with 19 gold medals, 17 Silver medals and 20 bronze medals.

OGI has always been very special to me and I have a long history with the Stanmore & Hendon Team having taken part in the games myself from the age of 9 to 21. I remained closely involved with the team in the years that followed, helping out with athletics training as well as coaching and organising the netball teams. In my experience OGI was not about the winning, it was all about the taking part and the friendships you made along the way. I wanted to ensure that other children would have the same experience.

In 2014 I was delighted to be offered the position of team manager and together with Mario Di Cesare and Arabella Underwood we put together a fantastic young team with many new members. We were extremely proud of each and every team member and amazed by their dedication and effort both at training and during the games. We also had amazing support and encouragement from the parents who all helped make us a truly great team.

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