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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've prepared this page to answer the many questions you may have about the OGI games, elegibility, and rules. If you have any other questions not answered on this page, please
contact us.

Which teams can enter the games?
Any Italian based organisation such as an association, school or social club is eligible to become a member of OGI, subject to the committee approval. If you would like to enter a team, please write to the Secretary at the address above. You will be required to register your interest. A team should consist of at least 10 competitors of both sex and aged between 9-21 years inclusive (see 2.2 for eligibility of competitors). If your team has less than 10 competitors, then the Committee will give special consideration to your application.

Which youngsters can take part in the games?

The games are open to boys and girls who comply with the following conditions:

a) All athletes must provide proof of date of birth (Birth Certificate or Passport) to their team manager at the time of registration. Team managers must have these proofs of identification with them for the duration of the games.
b) The competitor must not be younger than 9 years old or be older than 21 years old on the first day of the games.
c) The competitor must be of Italian origin or a member of an Italian organization. For OGI purposes, a competitor is considered of Italian origin if at least one of the following is satisfied:

I. He/she was born in Italy.
II. He/she holds, or has held Italian citizenship.
III. Or at least one parent or grandparent meets conditions (I) or (II).

d) The competitor is registered as a member of one team only.
e) Any non-Italian competitor whose name or details appear on any database or reference site operated or recognised by either UK Athletics or the ASA cannot compete in OGI, regardless of whether they are a member of an athletics or swimming club and regardless of how long it was when they appeared.
f) Competitors who are registered as Italian who belongs and trains with an Athletic or swimming club are allowed to take part in the games.
g) At least 60% of the competitors in each team must be of Italian origin.

Is there a registration fee?
There is a registration fee for each competitor. Teams will be advised of the fee amount at the time of team registrations. The fees are due no later than 4 weeks before the first day of the games. If a competitor withdraws completely from the games less than 4 weeks before the first day of the games, then the fee will not be refunded.

What are the age groups for the competitors?
The competitors are divided into six age groups as follows:
Age (inclusive) - Age Group
9yrs     - Group A
10yrs    - Group B
11-12yrs - Group C
13-14yrs - Group D
15-16yrs - Group E
17-21yrs - Group F

What information or documents do I need to register my competitors?
Each competitor will be required to provide two current passport size colour photographs, proof of age (passport or birth certificate) and to complete each section of the registration form in full. The competitor must sign and return the form to his/her team manager, who must check, verify and endorse the competitor’s registration with his/her signature. Incomplete forms received will be returned for completion. If false information is given, or relevant information is withheld, this will result in the rejection of the registration and/or disqualification of the competitor.

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