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OGI Record Holders


This shows a list of OGI Record Holders that have taken part in the OGI Games since 2004, the games were last held on the 28th May 2018. This table outlines a summary of how many records are held by each team that have participated.

For a full report and to see if you are one of those holders view the report listed below. If you have any questions or spot any inaccuracies please contact us by email
info@ogi-olympics.co.uk and we will take your comments on board.

OGI Record Holders by team since 2018

Finchley                    - 34
Southgate                  - 32
Stanmore & Hendon  - 26
St. Peters                  - 15
AS Londra Sud         - 14
Harrow & Wembley  - 01       Note: for an event that is no longer being held since 2008

Record Holders Report to view a report of all holders results to date in PDF format.

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